Therapy System

The patented technology offered by Wave Therapy converts electrical energy into a low frequency acoustic waveform which permeates the body and exhibits a very profound effect on pain, poor circulation and reduces inflammation throughout the entire body. Clients simply sit in a comfy chair while their entire body is bathed by the acoustic waveform.

Satisfied Patients

After treating, not only do I feel relief of my Sciatic Nerve problem, but I’ve noticed that I have had an increase in my energy level, my headaches have diminished, and I have an overall sense of feeling better that I did before I arrived. I highly recommend this therapy to anyone.”

Phyllis McGuire Mcguire Sisters

Patented Technology

Your Wave Therapy System provider is prepared to answer your questions about what to expect before, during and after treatment. Often multiple treatments are recommended but the decision is up to you. We are pleased to provide testimonials and reviews of our innovative low frequency, acoustic therapy system and the positive results our patients have experienced.
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Acoustic Pressure

Wave Therapy for Whole Body Health
There is no need to disrobe. Our clients are able to sit back, relax, enjoy music, take a nap, read,or simply relax. WaveTherapy is truly that easy.Wave Therapy clients often feel a warm, tingling sensation throughout their entire body, mostly around the affected areas. The tingling sensation manifests due to increased circulation by helping to dilate blood vessels and reducing inflammation. Clients usually also feel a noticeable boost of energy during or after the therapeutic treatment sessions. Some clients have a delay in healing as circulation continues to increase and inflammation continues to decrease for hours after the session.